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対応ブラウザ Google Chrome 7.2.502 以降
Edgev.79 以降

About this article:

The following article describes the steps to create Log in credentials and enable the two-factor authentification required to access the Watchdog dashboard.

Creating log in credentials

Step 1: Receive the Watchdog User Invitation email

Check the email for the Watchdog user invitation. Contact your Watchdog Admin if you did not receive an expected user invitation email.

Step 2: Click to be redirected to the Watchdog Log in page.

Step 3: Click

Step 4: Click the link The Log in screen defaults to Log In for existing users. Click the Sign Up link to create Log in credentials.

Step 5: Create Log in credentials
Enter your email address and create a password. Click at the bottom.

Enable two-factor authentication

Step 6: Enable two-factor authentication

  • Watchdog is one of many applications that run on NTT’s proprietary EdgeLQ platform. Setting up two-factor authentication on EdgeLQ gives you access to Watchdog and other EdgeLQ-enabled applications available to your organization.
  • Watchdog supports all mobile phone authentication apps.
  • Guardian by AuthO is offered as a free download if you need an authenticator app.
  • To use your existing authenticator app, click the Microsoft Authenticator link at the bottom.
  • The same link works for all authenticator apps like Google Authenticator, Twilio Authy, and publicaly available apps for China.

Step 7: Open your authenticator app and scan the QR code

Step 8: Enter the passcode provided by your authenticator app

Step 9: Save the recovery codes

  • Check the box confirming that you’ve saved the codes
  • Click to complete two-factor authentication enablement

Step 10: Two-factor authentication set-up complete

  • Click the Continue to log in

Log in

Step 11: Verify your email address
Check your email for the verification email. Click the link to verify your email and Log in.

Step 12: Fetch fetch and enter the verification code from your authenticator app

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