Probing Distributions

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Probing Distributions are configurable policies for triggering agent-to-target probing.

Key Probing Distribution Concepts:

  • Probing Distribution
  • Probing Distributions are created for ongoing probing between one or more agents to one or more targets
  • Probing Configuratin
  • Probing Session
  • Probing Interval

Simplified Probing Distribution

  • Group and tag assignments eliminate the overhead of updating Probing Distributions when new agents and targets are onboarded, replaced or removed from a tenant
    • Agents and targets belong to a single group representing their logical role in the network
    • An unlimited number of tags are to define subgroups or logical relationships across groups
    • robing Distributions are automatically updated when agents and targets are added or removed from these groups and tags
  • Individual agent and target assignments are helpful for specific and short-term probing tests

Search and View Probing Distributions

Probing Distributions List

  • View all configured Probing Distributions
  • Search and filter Probing Distributions by name and enablement (on/off)
  • Each row contains the Probing Distribution’s name, enablement status, count of agent and target assigned, and actions to view, edit, or delete the Probing Distribution
  • Click the Probing Distribution’s name or the view link in the Actions column to view a the Probing Distribution Details page
  • Click Add Probing Distribution to create a new Probing Distribution

Probing Distribution View

  • Each Probing Distribution has a details page that shows the configured probing interval, enablement status, assigned agents, and assigned targets

Search and filter assigned Agents

Text search All agent attributes
Activation Status Equals Select option
  • Active
  • Inactive
  • In Progress
  • Pending Approval
  • Pending Invitation
Email Starts with, Equals Text
Group In Select one Agent Group
Name Starts with, Equals Text
Agent Type Equals Select option
  • Mobile Agent
  • Static Agent
  • Cloud Agent
On/Off (Enabled Status) Equals Select ption
  • Online
  • Offline
Serial Number Starts with, Equals Text
Tags Contains any Select one or more Agent Tags
Version (Agent Software) Starts with, Equals Text

Add and Edit Probing Distributions

Probing Distribution Overview Simplified Probing Distribution