Static Agent for Docker

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The following article explains how to deploy the latest Watchdog Agent to environments that support Docker Containers.

Request or generate a Watchdog Agent Activation Token

Docker containers require an activation token. Watchdog offers two options for obtaining activation tokens.

Shared activation token Shared tokens are ideal for large deployments and make it easy to activate many Docker containers at once

  • Request a shared token from the service provider supporting your Watchdog project
  • The containerized Watchdog agents automatically onboard upon installation
  • Visit the Watchdog Dashboard Agents tab to name and group the agents. Adding the hostname and host serial number to the Docker file will make this process easier (see below Docker container installation)

Generate a token from the Watchdog Dashboard For small deployments, or to simplify agent identification after activation, generate activation tokens by adding agents in the Watchdog Dashboard or created in bulk via Microsoft Excel upload.

Step 1: Navigate to the Agent page

Step 2: Add new agents

  1. Add one or more agents manually using the Add Agent entry form

    Click to add a field. Check Skip Activation Email.

  2. Add up to 100 agents at once by excel upload.

  • Click
  • Download the Excel template by clicking
  • Complete the template and enter:
    • Agent Name (required): Enter a unique name for each agent in the names column
    • Assign Group (optional): Assign the agent to an agent group by entering the group name in the group column
    • Primary address (optional): Enter the agent’s location in the address column. Entering the full address is best, but entering the city/locality and state/province is sufficient for most locations.
    • Email Address (required): Add the contact email address associated with the agent in the email column
    • Skip Activation Email (required): Enter “Yes” in the skip email column to avoid sending emails for each agent created.
  • Upload the completed Excel template by clicking
  • Fix any errors and click

Install and activate the Watchdog Docker Container

The following example shows installation for a generic linux environment. Adapt the Docker container commands to the installation requirements of the environment you’re using.

Docker run -e ACTIVATION_TOKEN=<token> -e HOSTNAME=$HOSTNAME -e HOST_SERIAL_NUMBER=`sudo dmidecode -s system-serial-number` -v <some persistent storage>:/etc/watchdog —network=host -it  -d cloudwan/watchdogagent:0.2.21

  • Add the activation token by replacing <token>
  • Add host name by replacing HOSTNAME
  • Add device serial number by replacing HOST_SERIAL_NUMBER

Note: HOSTNAME and HOST_SERIAL_NUMBER are not mandatory, but adding them during installation will make it easier to search, identify, and tag the agents via the API or Dashboard.

Confirm activation

Return to the Agent tab on the Watchdog Dashboard. Search for the agent. A green dot indicates that the agent is active. Allow about five minutes for onboarding.

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