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Watchdog Overview

Watchdog provides network monitoring for enterprises, carriers and ISPs, edge IoT fleets, and remote workers.

The Watchdog Network Monitoring application uses the EdgeLQ platform to orchestrate distribution and enablement of monitoring agents as native applications on PCs, containers on dedicated hardware and Cisco routers and switches, and VMs.

Watchdog agents ping internet endpoints to report internet quality by targets, target groups, geography, agent, agent groups, and ISPs. Real-time and time-series monitoring data is available by API or in the Watchdog Dashboard for data visualization.

Watchdog System Overview

Watchdog Internet Monitoring System Overview

Deploy Watchdog across the network
Branch Locations
  • Deploy the agent to existing hardware like Cisco switches and routers as a docker container
  • Or install the watchdog agent on dedicated hardware like Dell EMC VEP 1425 or Raspberry Pi and connecting them to the branch ethernet
  • No configuration is required. The device will connect automatically onboard to Watchdog in minutes
Cloud environments and data centers
  • Run the Watchdog Agent in a VM with a custom image for each installation
  • VM configuration is as easy as assigning the activation token and naming the VM on Watchdog Dashboard
  • No further configuration is required. The VM will connect automatically onboard to Watchdog in minutes
Desktop (Windows and macOS)
  • Windows and macOS native application
  • Desktop UI for users to monitor the hardware, WiFi, and ISP conditions that shape their internet quality
  • Security and privacy ensured
    Agent does NOT allow remote access to the agent software or host device
    Agent is NOT a browser-based application that collects surfing behavior
  • End-user control and transparency
    No root access required for installation/upgrades
    Pause internet monitoring at any time or pause speed tests to conserve bandwidth when using mobile networks
    View logs of all monitoring activity
    Submit internet quality ratings to IT
    Override location detection to provide better location specificity

Watchdog Agent Requirements

Headless: 100 MB (no user interface)
Desktop Application: 250 MB
Network Firewall Requirements
TCP 80/443 *.edgelq.com Configured HTTP(S) targets Outbound Access to Watchdog controolers (HTTP2 must be supported when an HTTP proxy is configured) HTTP(S) probes
ICMP NA * Outbound ICMP Probes to default and custom targets
UDP 53 DNS Server IP outbound DNS Lookups
UDP 3478, 19302 * Outbound Stun server - used to determine public IP Address
ICMP NA * Inbound ICMP Time exceeded messages should not be blocked by firewall for hop trace
UDP * Targets for which hop trace is enabled Outbound Hop tracing on Windows OS (ICMP is used on Linux)

Watchdog Metrics

Probing Methods
ICMP packet size: 64 bytes per ping
HTTP/HTTPS Packet size: Varies by endpoint
Hops Packet size: 64 bytes per packet
Number of packets varies by number of hops
Speed test for broadband and wireless Bandwidth used: 4 MB upload/4 MB download
Speed test for 10 Gbps high-speed networks Bandwidth used: 4 MB upload/4 MB download
Probing Interval
Minimum Interval: 1 second
Recommended defaults
  • Public targets: 30 seconds
  • Local targets in LAN: 1 second
Data Resolution: 1 minute
Statistical Functions
Threshold-based quality profiles
  • Compare real-time and time-series data by latency, jitter, and Loss
  • Create multiple customized quality profiles per project
Selectable measures
  • Evaluate real-time and time-series data by the aggregation method
  • Mean: Overall average
  • Median: Midpoint data collected
  • Percentile95: 95/100th value average
  • Percentile99: 99/100th value average
Aggregated Metrics
Latency, jitter loss by:
  • Geography: Country, state/province, city/locality
  • ISP
  • Agents and agent groups
  • Targets and target groups
Metrics configuration by API and dashboard interface for:
  • Targets and target groups
  • Target distribution to agents by tag and group
  • Agent groups to create aggregated views for teams, hardware types, etc.
Hardware metrics collected
Wifi signal strength
Network interface metrics
  • Bytes transferred
  • Errors
Data Retention
1-minute resolution: One week
1-hour resolution: After one week
Data deletion based on contract requirements
Data transfer before deletion not currently supported

Watchdog SaaS Features

Watchdog Dashboard and API-available features
User management
  • Role-based access control
  • Dashboard user management email invitation, role setting, role promotion/demotion, revoke user access
Agent Management
  • Multiple activation modes for Agents
  • Shared Token and individual token for Desktop Agent
  • Embedded credentials for OS image
  • Desktop agent download and token-based onboarding emails to end-users using dashboard forms or Excel upload batch operations.
  • Auditing of user operations
Data Visualization
  • Aggregate views by map location
  • Real-time and time-series data for targets, ISPs, hardware
  • Aggregated by geography and groups
  • Viewable by an individual agent
Ratings and alerts
  • Slack and Teams alerts
  • Ratings aggregated by geography and groups
  • Downloadable PDF views and link sharing
Additional features
  • Multi-tenant controller
  • Data separated by the project in a logical database with access control
  • Remote device management via SSH and SCP access for devices running EdgeLQ OS Raspberry Pi, Dell VEP 1425
Language Support
Dashboard and Knowlege Base
  • English
  • Japanese
API support
Documented REST and GRPC API
  • Applications
  • Audit
  • Devices
  • IAM
  • Monitoring
  • Secrets
Security and Data Protection
The EdgeLQ platform provides the highest-level data security architecture and practices that enterprise SASE and Zero Trust applications and services require
  • All data is encrypted in transit
  • Multi-layer access control to all systems
  • Multi-tenant data storage protects all client data
  • Data stored and secured on Google Cloud Platform
  • Knowledge base
  • API documentation
  • Level 3 & 4 support to reseller/integrator
  • Level 1 & 2 support provided by reseller/integrator
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