Watchog Glossary

Agent  Watchdog Agent is software that measures the quality of the internet and reports the data to your dashboard. Agent tour
  • PC Agents: Windows, macOS
  • Hardware Agent: Raspberry Pi 4
  • Virtual Agent: VMware
Activation To set up the Agent, Download and install the watchdog agent, and then activation by Watchdog Agent Token. End-user's install instruction is macOS /Windows
Auto-update Auto-update is turned on in the agent settings page, it will be automatically updated within 24 hours after the new version is released.
Speed Test The Watchdog Agent performs hourly 4mg download and 2mg uploads to measure your internet speed to the nearest Watchdog cloud-hosted speed test target. Click Run Speed Test at any time to check your internet speed in realtime. 
Dashboard The dashboard displays aggregated agent data over time. And can manage users and agents.
Development channel The test version in development if the development channel is turned on in the agent settings page.
User role

Privileges on the dashboard differ depending on the role. User management

  • Admin
  • Asset manager
  • Admin viewer
  • Viewer
Quality measurement Icmp is sent to the set target every 10 seconds to measure latency, jitter, and packet loss.


Measurement items

Latency (ms) Latency is a highly invisible delay time from requesting data transfer to the device and returning the result.
Jitter (ms) Jitter refers to fluctuations in the signal waveform in the time axis direction and is the disturbance of images and the like caused by the fluctuations.
Loss (%) Loss/packet loss means that a packet sent from a certain communication entity is lost along the transfer route of the network and does not reach the destination specified as the destination.
CPU usage (%) A value that indicates what percentage of the processing amount the CPU installed in the computer can handle at one time
Memory usage (%) A value that indicates how much you are using with respect to the storage capacity of the computers
Wifi Signal degradation (%) Wifi signals get weaker over distance and when passing through walls. Internet quality suffers as the signal degradation percentage increase.
Frame loss (frames/s)

The percentage of data frames the wifi losses as they travel between your computer to the internet 

Filtering item

Location Select the map or filter to view the time-series network information. Granularity is Country/States/County/City. 
ISPs Internet service provider. AS number is displayed next to ISPs.

The IP address to which the agent sends Icmp. 

Area group Target IP address

East Asia

GCP Hong Kong (asia-east2)
GCP Singapore (asia-southeast1)
NTT Hong Kong (Financial DC)
NTT Singapore (Serangoon DC)
Europe      GCP Frankfurt (europe-west3)
GCP London (europe-west2) 
NTT France (France DATA4 DC)
NTT Germany (Frankfurt 1 DC)
NTT UK (Hemel Hempstead2 DC) 
 Global       Cloudflare ( 
Google ( 
jumpcloud.com jumpcloud.com 
NTT Global IP Network ( 
NTT Global IP Network ( 
SaaS: Github githubstatus.com
SaaS: Slack status.slack.com
Japan        GCP Tokyo (asia-northeast1)
GCP Osaka (asia-northeast2) 
NTT Osaka (Osaka No.5 DC)
NTT Tokyo (Tokyo No.10 DC)
Local Wifi/LAN  

North America

AWS US West (N. California)
AWS US-East (N. Virginia)
GCP Montreal (northamerica-northeast1)
NTT US-East (Virginia Ashburn 1 DC)
South Asia GCP Mumbai (asia-south1)

It is an index for data collection. You can choose from three indicators.

  • Mean: Overall average
  • Median: Midpoint data collected
  • Percentile95: 95/100th value average
  • Percentile99: 99/100th value average
Quality Profiles(Threshold) Quality management. Icmp is sent to the set target every 10 seconds to measure latency, jitter, and packet loss. The excess communication is displayed in red on the threshold base. You can select/switch the Quality Profile from the following.
  Mean 95th Percentile
Basic inter Region   300ms/30ms/1%  350ms/35ms/2%
Basic intra Region 100ms/10ms/1% 150ms/15ms/2%
Moderate Inter Region 250ms/25ms/0.05% 300ms/30ms/0.1%
Moderate Intra Region 50ms/5ms/0.05%  75ms/10ms/0.1% 
Ultimate Inter Region 200ms/20ms/0.01%  250ms/25ms/0.02%
Ultimate Intra Region 30ms/3ms/0.01% 50ms/5ms/0.02%


ms 1ms is 0.001second.
frames/s One of the units that represent the smoothness of a moving image, which represents the number of times an image or screen is rewritten.
Mbps Mbps stands for megabits per second. It can transfer 1 megabit (0.125MB) of data per second. 1,000 Kbps (Kilobpie PS) = 1 Mbps, 1,000 Mbps = 1 Gbps (Giga BPS)
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