Probing Distribution

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About target creation and probing distributions

  • Admin-level users are able to create targets and assign targets to agents
  • Agents then ping the targets to generate the internet quality metrics found on the dashboard
  • This process is used for all target and agent types
  • Targets are assigned to target groups and can be tagged to finely tune Watchdog internet quality monitoring data for a variety of use cases
In this article

Probing Target Creation

  • Create ICMP, HTTP(S), and speed test targets by IP or URL
  • Assign logical groups, names, and tags to the targets
  • Once targets are created and labeled, they are ready to be assigned to agents

Step 1: Add targets

  • Navigate to the Settings page from the top navigation bar
  • Click Add Targets to open the add target form

Step 2: Assign target group

  • All targets must be assigned to a target group
  • Select from existing target groups, or create a new target group

Step 3: Name target

  • Create a unique name for each target

Step 4: Select target probing mode

  • Probing modes for ICMP, HTTP(S), and speed tests are supported

Step 5: Enter the target IP or URL

Step 6: Set probing interval:

  • Probing interval sets the frequency of pings from agents to a targets
  • 30 seconds is the shortest probing interval and is the default setting when a new target is created
  • Longer probing intervals can be set
  • After the first week, time-series data in the dashboard resolves to 60 seconds data resolution if the probing interval is set to less than 60 seconds

Step 7: Assign target tags

  • Tags are not required, but they make it possible to create probing distributions to agents from multiple agent groups or as a subset of an agent group
  • Select exiting tags or create new target tags
  • Tags must be alphanumeric. White space is not supported. Use hyphens, and underscores to separate words.

Step 8: Click Create to save the target

  • The newly created target is now ready to be assigned to agent(s) in a probing distribution
  • Edit or delete the target form the list below

Target List

Probing Distributions to Agents

  • This process assigns targets to the agents
  • Once complete, aggregated monitoring metrics by geography, agent groups, and individual agents are searchable in the Wathddog dashboard

Step 1: Navigate to Probing Distributions

  • Click Add Probing Distributions to open the add probing distributions form

Target List

Target List

Step 2: Enter a unique probing distribution name

Target List

Step 3: Enable the probing distribution

  • Probing distributions can be created without enabling
  • Enable or disable probing distributions at any time from the probing distributions list

Target List

Step 4a: Target selection filters: Target groups

  • Select targets for the distribution by using target filters
  • The first optional filter is target groups
  • Selecting a target group will select all the targets assigned to that group

Target List

Step 4b Target selection filters: Target tags

  • Targets can also be selected using target tags
  • The dropdown shows all available target tags with the count of targets assigned each tag
  • If a tag is not visible, return to the target page, add a target tag by editing a target’s tag field

Target List

Step 4c: Target selection filters: Target mode

  • Targets can be selected by ICMP or speed test probing mode
  • This is a helpful filter to broadly assign a target by ICMP or speed test to all agents or a subset of agents within an agent group

Target List

Step 5: Target preview

  • Click preview to view a summary of the target-assignment selectors
  • If no targets match the target-assignment selectors, the preview will show a null value
  • The probing distribution can be saved with a null value. Data collection will start when a target is added or edited to meet the selected target-assignment

Target List

Step 6a: Agent Selection Filters: Agent groups

  • Select agents for the probing distribution by using agent filters
  • The first filter is agent group
  • Selecting an agent group will select all the agents assigned to that group
  • The dropdown shows all agent groups and the count of agents assigned to each agent group

Target List

Step 6b: Agent Selection Filters: Agent tags

  • Agents can also be selected using agent tags
  • The dropdown shows all available agent tags with the count of agents assigned each tag
  • If an agent tag is not visible, navigate to the Agents page, add agent tags by editing the target field in the agent record

Target List

  • Agent Page Tags

Target List

Step 7: Probing distribution has been created and assigned to matching agents

  • View and edit the newly created probing distribution

Target List

  • Target metrics are viewable for the assigned agents

Target List