User Management

User roles and technical requirements for this article

Users Admin
Browser support Google Chrome 7.2.502 or later
Edge v.79 or later

About this article:

The Watchdog Dashboard provides hierarchical user roles and permissions by project. This article outlines the features and data accessible user role and how to create and manage users invited to a project.

User roles and permissions

Users with admin rights can assign the following roles and permissions to new and existing users for each project.

Users Admin Asset Manager Admin Viewer Admin
View Agent location City-level per Agent
Primary Address
City-level per Agent
Primary Address
City-level per Agent
Primary address
City-level aggregated view of Agents
Primary address hidden
View Agent data All Agents All Agents All Agents Agent Only
View Agent page to manage Agents Agent page
Agent page
Agent page Agent Page is hidden
View Users page to manage users Add/Edit/Delete Users page Agent Page Agent Page

Invite a new user

Step 1: Navigate to the User page and click

Step 2: Enter the email address and assign the user role. Click

Step 3: The Watchdog Invitation email is sent to the invited user

  • Users that have created login credentials appear in the user list
  • Search for users by email address or filter users by role
  • Pending invitations appear below the user list

Edit a user role

Change a user role with the role dropdown.

Delete a user

Click the delete icon to remove the user from the project.