About Watchdog

Project Watchdog is an initiative by Network Innovations at NTT to enable internet quality monitoring and time-series data aggregation. Built on our EdgeLQ platform, it secures data transfer to public and private cloud services. The agent sends a ping to the target to measure latency, jitter, and loss in regions and IPSs. The dashboard collects the measurement data of agents all over the world and visualizes them as time-series data.

Watchdog Secure Cloud Environment

The dashboard aggregates the network quality collected by agents and visualizes it by area. You can also monitor the network quality of individual agents. You can customize thresholds and filters on the map page of the dashboard page. Also, depending on the role of the user, user management, and addition/editing/deleting of agents can be performed.


Watchdog agent is a software that measures internet quality and reports data to dashboards. it sends one ICMP/HTTP(S) probe packet to each target every 30 seconds (size 40 bytes). And also it sends HTTPS upload and download test each hour or whenever the user initiates from Desktop Agent UI.

Watchdog Agent deployments Desktop

  • Works on Windows and macOS as a native app
  • Users can check their network quality themselves on the desktop user interface


  • Watchdog agent runs in a Docker container on EdgeLQ OS installed on dedicated x86 devices, Raspberry Pi, and VMs

Container & VM

  • Runs as Docker container on appliances and servers where Docker is supported such as the Cisco 9300 router