Watchdog for Network Monitoring

Project Watchdog is an initiative by Network Innovations at NTT to enable internet quality monitoring and time-series data aggregation. Built on our EdgeLQ platform, it secures data transfer to public and private cloud services. The agent sends a ping to the target to measure latency, jitter, and loss in regions and ISPs. The dashboard collects the measurement data of agents all over the world and visualizes them as time-series data.

Watchdog system overview

Watchdog Dashboard

The Watchdog Dashboard provides visualization of network performance across all agents by geography, targets, ISPs, and groups. Administrative functions are enabled for Admins to manage users and agents, and Asset Manager to manage agents.

Unified view of internet conditions across distributed networks

  • Monitor internet quality by hardware, ISP, region, teams, and regions
  • Add custom targets and target groups, evaluate network performance by latency, jitter, loss thresholds
  • Holistic view of branch-to-branch, branch-to-cloud, PC-to-data center network quality, etc.
  • Respond to poor internet quality affecting your teams
  • Reroute time-sensitive work assignments to teammates in unaffected areas
  • Improve network upgrade planning with real-time and time-series data
Support end-users and monitor critical services

  • Monitor end-user hardware, WiFi, and local internet conditions
  • Respond to ISP slowdowns and outages that degrade network performance
  • Understand the quality of VPN connections to critical infrastructure
  • Identify and analyze localized network issues with alerts and saved reports
Quickly scale network monitoring across the entire network

  • Token-based onboarding for Watchdog Agent on PCs, VMs, and as Docker container on x86 and ARM devices
  • Endpoint management support for Itune, JAMF, and other systems
  • Email-based end-user installation and activation
  • REST API management of all systems for integration to existing dashboards

Watchdog Agent for desktop, VM, and Docker container

Watchdog agent measures internet quality and reports data to dashboards by sending one ICMP/HTTP(S) probe packet to each endpoint target every 30 seconds (size 40 bytes). Speed tests the agent sends HTTPS upload and download tests each hour, or on-demand from Desktop Agent UI (Size 4 MB for broadband). 10 gig speed tests are avialable.

  • Windows and macOS native application
  • Desktop UI for users to monitor the hardware, WiFi, and ISP conditions that shape their internet quality
  • Security and privacy ensured
    • Agent does not allow remote access to the agent software or host device
    • Agent is not a browser-based application, ensuring that web surfing behavior is not collected
  • End-user control and transparency
    • No root access required for installation/upgrades
    • Pause internet monitoring at any time or pause speed tests to conserve bandwidth when using mobile networks
    • View logs of all monitoring activity
    • Submit internet quality ratings to IT
    • Override location detection to provide better location specificity
  • Watchdog agent runs in a Docker container on EdgeLQ OS installed on VMs and dedicated x86 and ARM devices
  • Users can fully manage agent devices using EdgeLQ cloud API
    • OS upgrade
    • network configuration
    • application installation and upgrade
    • power management
    • remote shell access
  • EdgeLQ OS provides functions for remote configuration and remote shell access
    • Secure access. Only Authorized users can reach devices
  • Runs as Docker container on appliances and servers where Docker is supported such as the Cisco 9300 router
  • Watchdog Agent runs only within the Docker container and cannot access the Appliance and Server host
  • The host hardware metrics collection is not supported