Watchdog makes network monitoring for branch, data center, and cloud environments cost-effective and easy.

Branch locations
  • Deploy the agent to existing hardware like Cisco switches and routers as a docker container
  • Or install the watchdog agent on dedicated hardware like Dell EMC VEP 1425 or Raspberry Pi and connecting them to the branch ethernet
  • No configuration is required. The device will connect automatically onboard to Watchdog in minutes
Cloud environments and data centers
  • Run the Watchdog Agent in a VM with a custom image for each installation
  • VM configuration is as easy as assigning the activation token and naming the VM on Watchdog Dashboard
  • No further configuration is required. The VM will connect automatically onboard to Watchdog in minutes

Watchdog system overview

Once the Watchdog Agents are installed and activated, reports begin immediately with little or no configuration required

Identify poorly performing network conditions to critical services quickly

  • Create endpoint targets and target groups and apply the target identification to agents and agent groups
  • Evaluate network performance by latency, jitter, loss thresholds
  • Respond to poor internet quality affecting branch-to-branch and branch-to-service network quality
  • Improve network upgrade planning with real-time and time-series data

  • Use the Dashboard map to identify poorly performing network conditions to critical service quickly
  • Create groups and tags to create easy to search agent groups
  • Understand the quality of VPN connections to critical infrastructure
  • Identify and analyze localized network issues with alerts and saved reports
  • Integrate Watchdog with existing systems with full REST API support
Add new branches, data centers, and cloud environments anytime

  • Token-based onboarding for Watchdog Agent on PCs, VMs, and as Docker container on x86 and AMD devices
  • Endpoint management support for Itune, JAMF, and other systems
  • Email-based end-user installation and activation