EdgeLQ is transforming connected workplaces Edge/IoT deployments

Enterprise response to COVID-19, green building technologies, and the rise of IoT sensors is driving rapid innovation in the smart building and connected workplaces market. Early in the innovation phase of development, many vendors, competing standards, and a plethora of dashboards complicate the adoption of these technologies at scale.

EdgeLQ makes it possible for connected workplace providers to move from a heterogeneous environment and data silos to a horizontal integration layer.

EdgeLQ creates a unified overlay for orchestrating IoT sensors, unifying data collection, and managing upgrades

The following example shows how EdgeLQ creates a horizontal overlay for centrally managing applications, data, network connections, and IoT devices.

Unlocks connected workplaces capabilites from any vendor

Facilities Management
Integration into building maintenance system (BMS) for actionable insights
Heating & air conditioning (HVAC) | Emergency services | Elevators | etc.
Energy performance | Carbon footprint | Water usage
Industry certification BREAAM
Healthy Building
Temerature | Humidity | Co2 | Noise | Light | VoC | Industry certification WELL
Occupancy and Utilization
Building, space, and room utilization | People counting and movement
Employee & Visitor Experience
Smart Parking | Access Control | Digital Assistant/Apps | Self-guided wayfinding | Digital Signage | Alerts and Notifications
Employee Insights
Recruiting & Retention | Absenteeism | Productivity | Feedback/Sentiment
Comfort | Lighting | Nurishment | Air Quality | Water Quality | Waste management | Noise Mitigation
Workplace & Technology
Personas and journeys | Change & Adoption | Activity-based Spaces | Smart Lockers | Collaboration | Individual Environment Control | Desk Availability & Booking
Meetings & Events
Events | AV Control | Room Finding & Booking | Presentations | Idea Generation | Environment Control | Catering