EdgeLQ provides the foundation for the development and delivery of edge applications and services

Features hardened light-weight OS and cloud APIs for:
  • User and agent access management
  • Remote hardware management
  • Container-based application deployment
  • Metrics collection

Unlock the value of applications by reducing the overhead of edge orchestration with EdgeLQ

EdgeLQ answers the core questions facing edge application developers:

  • How to manage hardware?
  • How to keep them updated?
  • How to reach hardware behind a NAT?
  • How to deploy applications to 1000+ devices?
  • How to monitoring edge device fleet?
  • How to manage users?

EdgeLQ platform for any Edge IoT use case

Demand for edge computing is skyrocketing, yet the existing methods for standing-up edge sites, deploying applications to edge devices, and managing workflow is overly specialized by use case, complex, hard to replicate, and costly. It’s time to bring the simplicity, security, and scalability of the cloud to the edge.


Structure training datasets at the edge and rapidly deploy trained models across distributed networks


Connect to more edge data points, structure data a the edge, update edge software with DevOps agility


Detect and profile attacks at the edge, quickly deploy security updates across the distributed network

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