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Too often, network and infrastructure leaders lack visibility across network infrastructures with few operational insights

We live in a digital age where business performance depends on accessing widely distributed services. However, the quality of through-the-network traffic to these services often hinders application performance.

Enterprises use performance management tools to address this complexity and improve problem prevention and isolation. But too often, these tools are isolated themselves. With the unification of application and network performance management tools, complete platforms can be deployed to allow full-stack observability. This enables enterprises to use hybrid infrastructure as a competitive advantage without sacrificing the ability to diagnose and prevent performance issues before end users notice.

Service Experience Insights is an observability system that monitors network quality using probing agent software to send synthetic network traffic to internet endpoints.

  • Proactive monitoring: Probing agent software can be programmed to send synthetic network traffic at regular intervals, allowing network administrators to monitor network performance and identify potential issues before they become critical. This proactive approach helps to ensure that network issues are detected and addressed before they can cause downtime or performance degradation.

  • Network performance optimization: By measuring the response time and reliability of synthetic network traffic, network administrators can gain insight into network performance and identify areas for optimization. This information can be used to make informed decisions about network capacity planning, routing, and other network design factors that impact performance.

  • Remote monitoring: Probing agent software can be installed on remote devices, allowing network administrators to monitor network performance from remote locations. This is particularly useful for organizations with remote offices or branch locations, where local network administrators may not be available to diagnose and resolve network issues.

  • Service Availability: Probing agent software can be configured to send synthetic network traffic to the environments where specific applications or services are hosted. This allows network administrators to monitor the performance of these applications and identify potential issues that may impact performance.

Overall, a network observability system that uses probing agent software to send synthetic network traffic to internet endpoints provides a comprehensive and proactive approach to monitoring network quality and helps network administrators ensure their networks’ reliability, availability, and performance.

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