Comprehensive service availability monitoring

Visibility of end-user experience over networks is challenging, particularly as applications are further distributed.

Many factors impact service experience, even though the network infrastructure is available:

  • Client network infrastructure is available and functioning. However, end-users are complaining of slowness and an inability to access critical business services.
  • As critical business services move and change in line with a client's digital transformation agenda, ensuring end-users have a positive experience is paramount.
  • Additionally, internal IT teams need greater visibility into how users are experiencing business-critical applications and services, particularly as they move to SaaS and Cloud.

Service Experience Insights

Service Experience Insights are a way for clients to continuously monitor how their users experience accessing key business-critical applications – whether they are in the cloud or on-premise – from multiple locations on their network.

Service Experience Insights supports the following key use cases:

Continuous path monitoring including ping loss, latency, jitter, and ping round trip time between edge locations and SaaS, Cloud, or on-premise target

Speed test monitoring between edge locations and Cloud or on-premise targets

Internet path discovery and monitoring showing the route traffic takes from the edge location to targets

System Overview

Service Experience Insights provides an easy-to-deploy flexible system for continuous monitoring between agents and targets
  • Deploy lightweight probing agents throughout the network
  • Create sophisticated probing policies that logically map to the network
  • Visualize real-time and time-series monitoring data in a stand-alone dashboard or the NTT Service Portal

Comprehensive, high-fidelity, and affordable network service experience monitoring

Flexibility to monitor rapidly evolving network topologies and changing business requirements

Vendor and topology agnostic solution designed to address as many enterprise use cases as possible

Simple to deploy, simple to use SaaS-based platform designed to provide an observability layer on top of networks under management by NTT

Variety of Agents for Heterogeneous network environments

Static Agents

For dedicated network devices

SPEKTRA Edge appliances and deployed to generic devices running EdgeLQ OS.

Static Agents

For application-hosting network appliances

Deploy in Docker containers to Cisco 9K series application-hosting routers and switches.

Cloud Agents

For data centers and cloud environments

Deploy to VMs with Docker runtime hosted in public or private cloud environments.

Mobile Agents

For mobile end-user devices

Deploy as native applications on Windows and macOS – Self Installation and Endpoint Management Supported.

Key Features

The Service Experience Insights Dashboard visualizes network performance across all agents by geography, targets, ISPs, and groups.

Unified view of internet conditions across distributed networks

  • Monitor internet quality by hardware, ISP, region, teams, and regions
  • Add custom targets and target groups, evaluate network performance by latency, jitter, and loss thresholds
  • Holistic view of branch-to-branch, branch-to-cloud, cloud-to-data center network quality, etc.
  • Respond to poor internet quality affecting your teams
  • Reroute time-sensitive work assignments to teammates in unaffected areas
  • Improve network upgrade planning with real-time and time-series data
Support end-users and monitor critical services

  • Monitor end-user hardware, WiFi, and local internet conditions
  • Respond to ISP slowdowns and outages that degrade network performance
  • Understand the quality of VPN connections to critical infrastructure
  • Identify and analyze localized network issues with alerts and saved reports
Quickly scale network observability and alerting across the entire network

  • Theshold-based alerts for agent-to-target paths with email and webhook notificaitons
  • Token-based onboarding for Mobile Agent on PCs, VMs, and as Docker container on x86 and ARM devices
  • Endpoint management support for Itune, JAMF, and other systems
  • Email-based end-user installation and activation
  • REST API management of all systems for integration to existing dashboards