Agent Privacy Policy

NTT Ltd. Privacy policies and statements

The Service Experience Insights Agent software privacy addendum to the NTT Ltd Privacy policies and statements follow.

Device Data

Device performance metrics are collected to analyze how hardware usage impacts internet quality. The device data collected enables Service Experience Insights Dashboard users to identify and troubleshoot hardware-related internet quality issues for devices hosting mobile SEI agents.

  • System metrics (CPU and memory)
  • Device name
  • Device serial number
  • Device OS version

Location Data

Location data is collected to enable Admin-level Dashboard users to view the agent’s location. The Admin-level user is authorized to see this data in the Dashboard by the client who has contracted with us to provide Service Experience Insights. The location data collected may also be aggregated in regional analysis of deployed agents’ internet quality. This aggregated data is used to show anonymized regional internet quality comparisons. This data is viewable in the Mobile Agent UI by anyone who has access to the host PC. Access to the host PC is at the discretion of the client.

  • IP address
  • User entered location information
  • SSID

Network Probing Data

The core functionality of agents is to probe internet endpoint targets from the agent. Probing entails the agent sending small packets (pings) and larger speed test files at regular intervals to targets configured in the Dashboard. Probing data collected allows these users to analyze internet quality for WiFi/LAN, hops during transmission from the agent to the targets, and overall internet quality.

  • IP address
  • WiFi name
  • WiFi signal strength
  • WiFi interface statistics (packet counter, drop counter)
  • SSID
  • ISP name
  • Network interface details
  • ARP entries
  • IPv6 neighbor table
  • Routing table
  • Proxy configuration
  • HTTP metrics for probing
  • Latency, jitter, loss
  • Speed test upload, download speed
  • Hop AS number
  • Hop IP address
  • Target IP address

Agent Software Data

Like most websites and technology services delivered over the Internet, our servers automatically collect software log files. Logs of the probing data are viewable in the Mobile Agent UI.

  • Agent status, including activation state and liveness (on/off) state
  • User rating submissions
  • Opening the Agent UI
  • Agent performance
  • Language preferences
  • Agent Internal Logs

Data Storage and Retention

All data is securely stored on the Google Cloud Platform. Data is retained at the discretion of the client that contracted with us to provide the SEI as a service.

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